EyeFly 3D: 3D glasses for your smartphone



At the current rate, will have a good time before manufacturers choose to distribute 3D technology without glasses on their smartphones at an affordable price … unless you want to do it on your own. Thanks to a new development institute Temasek Polytechnic and the A * STAR Singapore agency, all you need to wear 3D glasses to your smartphone is a new plastic filter with half a million microscopic lenses, which installs easily on the screen. The trade name for this filter is EyeFly 3D, and has already enabled the advance sale through her official site.

The views that define the 3D as “dead” have gained traction in recent months. One of the latest examples came through Bob Zitter, former CTO of HBO, who referred to that way with 3D glasses. The reasoning is simple: No one wants to wear glasses to watch 3D content at home. The only way for 3D to avoid falling into oblivion (again) is to provide a sufficiently large evolutionary leap to put aside once and the requirement for glasses without damaging the final quality. No doubt that will be somewhat complicated in televisions and computer screens, but in the case of smartphones, there is already a solution.

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The filter has been commercially introduced as EyeFly 3D, and at first glance, looks like a sheet of plastic that fits over the screen protector smartphones like any other. However, there is much more behind that name. Development (that took two years) comes from Temasek Polytechnic Institute and the Institute IMRE belongs to A * STAR agency of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Singapore. Using nanoimprint technology, the filter receives about half a million lenses without affecting its surface or compromising transparency. Next to the filter have also created applications that allow both playback of 3D content and convert images. There will also be an SDK for all developers who want to integrate 3D support to their programs to take advantage of the presence of EyeFly 3D.

For now, the 3D EyeFly is only available on the iPhone 5 and the latest generation iPod Touch, but is already working on versions compatible with Android devices, and a variant for iPad. The official price is $ 34.95, a number that is in line with other protectors for iPhone, but also includes international shipping, which makes the filter a little more attractive. Taking something like EyeFly 3D, the rest falls on the content. YouTube has several videos and 3D version, but that does not change the fact that 3D adoption has been slower than expected. With accessories like 3D EyeFly on the market, the process may be speeded up a bit.

The filter has only cost 34.95 dollars and they can pre-order on the next page

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