Jimmy Savile abused a thousand children in the facilities of the BBC


The presenter Jimmy Savile, icon BBC, abused about a thousand children on site and British television executives knew this the same behavior as open research issue by the BBC, the seen by the British newspaper The Observer. The former judge Janet Smith, in charge of this investigation, believes that if ever the total number of victims of rape and sexual assault perpetrated by Savile known, but it has been confirmed that up to a thousand children were assaulted in the locker room and chain studies. It was thought that the attacks of Savile were just over 200, and rocked the foundations of the historic BBC. Of these, 134 have filed civil lawsuits seeking damages. “The numbers are shocking. Hundreds of people, up to a thousand, were victims of Savile when he represented the corporation (…). The report (Smith) will direct how Savile could get away with these heinous crimes under the noses of the staff of the BBC for over 40 years, “the source stated, aware of the investigation of Smith. The review of the testimonies of victims of Savile’s what is delaying the progress of the research and writing of the report, expected to be published in February. The president of the National Association of People Suffered Abuse During Childhood (NAPAC), Peter Saunders, one that has provided testimony to the investigation of Smith, not shown surprised by the increase in attacks to a thousand. “No doubt that during his life he did. I’ve also discovered something very sad, and there is much related to the BBC people I’ve talked to recognize that everyone knew, “he stated. Liz Dux, a lawyer representing 74 victims of Savile believes the detailed report of Smith will have consequences on the dome of the BBC. “Savile took every opportunity I had. Never had a quiet day, so this figure does not surprise me, “he explained Dux. “My clients who have talked to said they felt Smith listened with great sensitivity and empathy and that could translate evidence in great detail. There will be a report for the BBC as “added the lawyer. According to the police report, Savile, who died in 2011, made 214 criminal offenses, including 34 rapes nationwide. The first offense was committed in Manchester in 1955 and the last in 2009. In addition, between 1965 and 2006 he abused people working at the BBC. In the period 1965-1995 reached abusing hospitalized.



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