New phishing impersonating the identity of Apple to get your data


The Apple developer site still down after more than a week. The Cupertino continue solving the fault risked personal data developers, so most services for developers are currently active. Apple enabled a page that will update the information about active and inactive services and assured that soon everything will return to normal. But meanwhile, some have decided to take advantage of the situation and has appeared a new “phishing” in which, posing as Apple, try to get your login details (Apple ID and password).

Through an email (which heads this article) ask you to confirm your login details to Apple services to restore your account. Includes a link you must click to enter the data and thus everything back to normal. If you look at the bounce, the word “apple” is in lowercase, a failure that I doubt Apple would have to send an email like this. Clicking on the email link you will be redirected to the portal course Apple to enter your details.


The portal is fully attentive to every detail, it is difficult to distinguish the authentic. Same font, same buttons, same copyright, but something that can not imitate: the domain of the page.

This image is the goal of genuine Apple. Look at the top bar. The letters with green background assures you that you are facing a real Apple page, and also the web address starts with, a domain for which no start page that these criminals have ready to enter your data.



This technique called “phishing” is proliferating lot lately, impersonating banks, card issuers … to get your login details. As a general rule be wary of emails asking for personal information, and if we need to access a page to introduce them, it is best to access ourselves, without clicking on direct links. We must also look at the page to be authentic by the small green sign that appears to the left of the address bar and a certificate obtained only official pages.


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