Ringers & Tones, takes control of the sound notifications


Since we explained the other day how to change the sound notifications WhatsApp, using iFile or any file manager. if you think hard, or not get it to work this method, this “new” application interests you. Ringers & Tones actually is not new, but is updating Ringer X VIP (version still works on iOS 5 and 6), being exclusive to iOS 7 and offers many options, among which is that of changing the sound notifications.


Ringers & Tones gives you almost complete control over the sounds of iOS. Push notifications from any application, native iOS apps (Messages, Mail) and calls will all be modified, application by application and contact by contact, with options to mute certain contacts, or conversely, make contact us to set up sound despite being muted. It also integrates with iOS DND 7 can determine what to do in each case whether or skip it so respect that. A huge list of options that can be configured individually for each application and for each contact.


The notification settings are made from the iOS settings menu, accessing & Ringer Tones submenu. We find the switch to enable or disable the tweak, and other settings. By accessing “Configure” under “Notifications of Applications” we can add the applications you want to modify.


At first the application window will go blank. By pressing the “+” will access the list of all installed applications on iOS, and we go adding them. After entering each application can configure the other options above, and end of all find the option to select the sound (Tone).

In the case of calls, we set pin to pin, for which you must enter into contact within our directory, click on “Edit” and go to the bottom, where we find the “Ringer & Tones” option with the same settings that we have seen for notifications.

Ideal for those who want to control all sounds from your iPhone, and requires iOS 7 for functional application. Not compatible with iPad. It is available in the BigBoss repo.

Source: http://www.actualidadiphone.com/2014/01/17/ringer-tones-toma-el-control-del-sonido-de-las-notificaciones-cydia/


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