C. F. Kirchner and David Rockefeller

Miguel Bonasso is a former Argentine lawmaker distanced himself from the government of Cristina Kirchner when he began to denounce the intimate relationship between large multinational corporations such as Barrick Gold and government K.

Their allegations strongly linked to global economic elites with the government of Kirchner in Argentina. Despite the seemingly progressive discourse of K and leftist support achieved in other parts of the world, the reality is that the wild globalism is affiliated with the Argentine government, something already reported previously on this site.

On this occasion, former legislator (formerly ultra defender Néstor Kirchner model) shows how the nationalization of YPF actually had to do with advancing the interests of the Rockefeller clan in Argentina.

The expropriation of 51% of the shares of YPF-Repsol, in the hands of the Iberian corporation of the same name, decided by the government in April this year and ratified by Congress on 3 May, hid a key fact that I anticipated in “Evil”: The spurious link with mega-millionaire President David Rockefeller, founder of the Council of the Americas and majority shareholder Alfredo José “Joe” Martinez de Hoz, the super minister of the last military dictatorship.

Which controls more than two hundred years Wall Street and the City of London does: Behind the “nationalist” as the decision to change imperialism chorizo ​​cantimpalo by hiding the true imperialism.

On Wednesday 19 December last, in Houston (Texas), Miguel Gallucio (CEO of YPF) and Ali Moshiri (CEO of Chevron Latin America) closed an agreement whereby the latter corporation is granted the “exclusive right” to exploit the “Loma de la Lata Norte” areas and “Loma Campana” in Neuquén. Chevron, which worked good for Condoleezza Rice, initially invest one billion dollars to develop hundred unconventional oil and gas wells. But if advance arrangements-like advance, antiterrorism law by YPF Chevron will transfer to two areas of 290 square kilometers in the mythical Vaca Muerta shale for shale oil and gas, by fraking scary, a new extraction technology more contaminant megaminería open.

If the thing thrives, despite the uncomfortable Argentine environmentalists, who heroically resist repression in dozens of bastions as Famatina and Andalgalá and even more uncomfortable indigenous Ecuadorians, Chevron’s investment may reach 15 billion dollars.

In Ecuador, Chevron-Texaco has been convicted on appeal for causing serious environmental damage in an area of ​​two million hectares. Among other positions it was found that the corporation threw 64 billion gallons of toxic water used in the extraction of crude to estuaries and rivers in the area, affecting the land, crops, animals and the lives of many indigenous peoples. The court case was initiated by 30,000 Ecuadorian Amazon, including indigenous and settlers organized into the “Assembly of People Affected by Texaco” are counted.

The judgment in Ecuador had an unexpected judicial consequences in Argentina, where the civil judge Adrian Miranda Elcuj solidarity with Ecuador’s conviction and ordered an embargo on goods and credits Chevron Argentina SA to the sum of U.S. $ 19,552 million. (Chevron Argentina’s assets are valued at U.S. $ 2,000 million). The subsidiary Argentina argues (obviously) that has nothing to do with Chevron-Texaco in Ecuador and that ceased operations in that country in 1990. It is suggestive that despite the embargo, is to proceed to the agreement between Gallucio and Latin American head of Chevron. Pressures in Argentina for the embargo does not apply are now on the agenda: the governor of Neuquén, Jorge Sapag and general secretary of the oil union area, Guillermo Pereyra, already presented in the case as “Amicus curiae “. That does not mean friends twine, but supports the defendant.

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa visited Argentina last December 4 and pleaded with CFK to the lien is satisfied. In response, his ally Gallucio sent to Houston to close a first agreement with Chevron.

Now, what is Chevron?. Wikipedia reveals it bluntly: “It’s an American oil company founded in California in 1911, after the dissolution of the trust (” Corporation “) Standard Oil, as Standard Oil of California. In a period of over forty years, John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil took to be the world’s largest company for a long time. ”

In “Evil” embodied left until I photographed the friendship between Cristina and David Rockefeller. Both The Americas Society and the Council of the Americas, the two powerful lobbies investment and looting founded by petrobanquero have acted as platforms to support the president of Argentina, despite all its nationalization (both genuine and false). In that forum, regenteado by Susan Segal (personal friend of the president of Argentina and top executive of Rockefeller Group) Cristina shows a less “national and popular” face. On September 26 2007 said in the great hall of the Hotel New York Waldorf Astoria: “This country now offer willingly to all who come to invest, with the conception and understanding, by those we are beyond that profitability is not a sin, that making money is not sinful. ”

Cristina, excited, admiring, taking both his hands: In this scenario, on 22 September 2008, the affectionate encounter illustrating this note (: this is another photo, this paper illustrates that N E) took place the right hand of David Rockefeller, banker who supported the military coups of General Juan Carlos Jorge Rafael Videla and Onganía.

Back in the Council, in September 2010, “the president thrilled the audience when he reported that central bank reserves would be used to pay debt” (El Mal-Editorial Planeta, October 2011). Entrepreneurs-assembled by Rockefeller and John Dimitri Negroponte genocidal (Bonnet Council of the Americas) – applauded wildly.

A senior executive of JPMorgan Argentina recalled that the economy had grown 8.5%. The Monsanto representative Yris Jesus Madrazo, left the meeting elated: “It is reassuring that in Argentina clear and transparent rules for investors boost.”

But the most telling was the President herself: “It’s the first time since entrepreneurs interviewed me I see this change in attitude. Obviously had to see the debt restructuring: when one pays what should you look cuter. ”

Who betrays? Who makes the game right? The critics, opponents, the alleged actor Héctor Magnetto, or the maximum e undisputed authority of the Project. Beyond the looting practiced by megamineras in the Andes, transgenic seeds in our fields or fraking deep in our rocks, other signs bare the reactionary nature of this government: the freezing of wages and pensions, the inflation tax hike, the increased rates, are just some of the expressions of a “fit” you do not want to make explicit, but tightens as practiced without false blushes.

David Give your hand, give you will do well. “



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