FinFisher, spyware that expands on iPhone, Android and Blackberry

Threats to smartphone users continue to grow. A new type of spyware has been detected and a great power of action since it can infect both iPhone users and those of Android and Blackberry.

FinFisher is the name of a new spyware that has been discovered by the University of Toronto. Created by a group called Gamma Group, has been hopping these malware developers to major mobile platforms, with the particularity get affect the market leading operating system, iOS (iPhone), Android and Blackberry, which will allows a very high number of potential victims.

The main functions of FinFisher were detailed by John Scott-Railton, University of California Los Angeles who collaborated on the research. “Its features are very dangerous, enabling their developers to monitor text messages (SMS), phone calls and emails and other data without the user being aware of it.” “According to our studies of samples of this spyware, you can use the phone as a virtual device monitoring, which is extremely worrying” sentence.

Looking for the user control at all times

By far the highest incidence has occurred in the United Kingdom and United States, although users who do not get the caution when installing applications is recommended. In fact, one of the characteristics of this malware is that it is not necessary that the smartphone is rooteado or has been released to Jailbreak method. Regarding their mode of spread has been detected in attached emails and text messages posing as an operator under the title “New software update.”

Its discoverers have pointed out that “this kind of spyware are usually commissioned by government agencies and justice for legal purposes, to monitor and supervise the activities of the users they deem necessary.” It is therefore a direct to user privacy attack and disturbingly could be directed from above without Apple or Google have expressed their stance. RIM, maker of Blackberry, has been limited to recognize the existence of spyware and ensure working on a solution.

By romantic_404 Sector



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