McDonalds urged employees not to eat your own food

The giant McDonald has had a great time recently, after a resource website for their employees, advised them to stop eating their food. UK Daily Mail reported that the “line McResource” which has since been taken offline, had contained the “educational” imagery to instruct workers to avoid eating McDonald burgers and fries for their own health, and instead opt for the “healthy” options such as cold sandwiches and salads.

IS part of a series about how to make healthier food choices, the images took the international spotlight after employees first noticed the contradictory nature and then took him to the media. Tips on how to avoid fried foods and limit the consumption of “extras like cheese, bacon and mayonnaise” became a joke, because these are the types of foods that McDonald pushes harder on their customers.

“Eating a diet high in fat puts people at risk for overweight,” said one of the captions, that is no longer online. This is obviously a confusing advice for the thousands of workers who are constantly bombarded McDonald by puffs of fat from junk food served throughout the day and addicted to their enthusiastic customers.

“It’s hard to eat a healthy diet when eaten in fast food restaurants often” continued counseling with incredible irony, since McDonald’s employees are encouraged to eat fast food because of the discounts. “Many of the foods are cooked with a lot of fat, even if they are not trans fats. Many fast food restaurants do not offer low-fat foods.”

“Eat at places that offer a variety of salads, soups and vegetables.”

In other words, you should not eat at McDonalds, said McDonald’s employees! This was the implication, anyway, before officials decided to pull the McDonald McResource online. A company spokesman later said the council had been misinterpreted and taken “out of context”, but at the same time offered no real explanation of why, then, removed access to the web site.
“Some parts of this website are fully taken out of context,” reads an official statement from McDonald. “This website provides useful information from third parties on many topics, including health and welfare. Experts also includes information about healthy eating and balanced decisions. McDonald agrees with this advice.”




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