A Cydia Tweak, Sleeksleep, allows to unlock iPhone Proximity Sensor


To unlock iPhone without touching the home button.
Available from Cydia for Jailbroken devices.
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Patricia Mecca January 20, 2014 12:12
Lock or unlock your iPhone using the proximity sensor with this Cydia tweak

In case you did not know, in the settings of your iOS devices accessibility can activate the AssistiveTouch. What is? As to not serving us punish both the home button and our Apple device for people who, for whatever reason, can not push may have an alternative. This virtual button appears on the screen and performs the same function as the button above.

But if we make the Jailbreak our iPhone, we can add a tweak to punish or not the home button or the lock. With SleekSleep we can lock and unlock your smartphone just by swiping the proximity sensor.

As usual, whenever a new iOS comes out, is soon out Jailbreak compatible with the new version. Following this rule, not much we can enjoy the corresponding Jailbreak for iOS 7 makes.

Shortly after leaving, few tweaks compatible with the latest Apple devices and iOS users who had 7 older devices, yes they could enjoy some, but not all offer Cydia compatible with the latest version operating system.

Just had to wait a little longer to get out beginning on or tweaks compatible with 64-bit architecture of the iPhone 5s (Air and iPad). Now Cydia is now fully compatible with the latest processor and Apple devices are slowly getting many good tweaks perfectly compatible with iOS 7.

Swipe the proximity sensor and blocks, or unlocked, your iPhone

One of the latest tweaks that has come to iOS devices 7 is SleekSleep. When activated enables you to lock and unlock your iPhone with just swipe your finger over the proximity sensor, which is located next to the handset, ie just above the screen.

In the settings you can tweak to customize, for example, you can set the number of times you want the finger to pass to that block or unlock the iPhone. Also you can adjust the time duration of the pass, the time interval to swipe, etc …

You can also adjust the proximity sensor is activated, the phone still off being. This is not recommended and would spend a lot of battery and affect the life of it. We already know that the iPhone battery is no wonder and runs out soon.

Another option available is the ability to disable the proximity sensor on a call and thus always be the call options as on and the screen is not off to bring it to our ear. Something that, a priori, seems a bit awkward, because we could make inadvertent touches the ear.

The tweak can be enabled and disabled from the control center in one new hand-shaped icon. To get an idea, co-iPhoneHacks give us the video that accompanies these lines and shows how this Cydia tweak works.






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