Apple could launch tomorrow iOS 7.1 Beta 4 for Developers


Two weeks after Apple released the third beta of iOS 7.1 could reach the Beta 4, or so says BGR, which also ensures that they have available and the regular contributors to Apple for testing. This fourth Beta would be the final before the release of the official version of iOS 7.1, much less. According to the same source, there would still be two more betas, up to a total of six, before iOS 7.1 comes to users of Apple mobile devices.

It has been informed that there will be several fixes known bugs, including some problems with the keyboard, with the Contacts application and changes in the user interface of the phone offer. We have received information from other sources that Apple is working hard on this new version 7.1 to correct certain memory errors that cause iOS 7 will not be stable for many users, with sudden shutdowns and restarts the device applications. In addition, iOS 7.1 should help to better unify the system from a graphical point of view, with several enhancements to the user interface across the system and within applications to a greater sense of cohesion.

iOS 7.1 brought in the many cosmetic changes to the interface of the entire system: new buttons to turn off the device, or to reject or accept a call, new options for the wallpaper, etc.. Also this version came with the surprise that was still vulnerable to Jailbreak with Evasi0n, something quite unexpected considering he had spent enough for Apple to close those bugs that allow Jailbreak time. Will it still be vulnerable to this new Beta 4 Jailbreak? What will bring new aesthetic? Will it improve performance and stability? If the rumors are true, tomorrow we will have the answers.

UPDATE: Apple is ahead of predictions Source: developers

iOS 7.1 Beta 4 in video:



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