Broadcast stunning photos of torture and mass executions in Syria


The images were provided by a defector of the regime and were analyzed by three international tax

  Photo: October 1 PaísFoto
LONDON -. Three renowned international prosecutors accused the Syrian regime of Bashar Al-Assad of torturing and killing detainees “industrial level”, in a report commissioned by Qatar-a country that supports the rebels and Syrian-containing lurid photos on reality of that civil war.

The report, published today in the British newspaper The Guardian and the U.S. network CNN denounces the systematic torture and killing of at least 11,000 arrested by the regime, based on the forensic analysis of 55,000 digital images.

In its 31-page report documents abuses since the conflict began in Syria in 2011 until last August. Its spread matches the Geneva peace conference, which begins tomorrow.

According to The Guardian, the authors conclude that there is “clear evidence that can be accepted by a court, of murder and systematic torture of persons detained by agents of the Syrian government.”

This, the experts suggest, “would support charges of crimes against humanity and could also support war crimes charges against the current Syrian regime.”

The signatories of the report are Desmond de Silva, former Chief Prosecutor of the Special Court for Sierra Leone British, Geoffrey Nice, prosecutor in the case against the former president of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic, and American David Crane, also a prosecutor in court especially for Sierra Leone.

The photos, showing some emaciated bodies, some without eyes and with traces of blows or being tied, the country drew a photographer-identified as “Caesar” by Syrian security-military police who handled death certification the regime.

The Guardian explains, this person out of the country on the memory stick and handed them to a contact of the National Movement of Syria, an opposition group supported by the Government of Qatar.

The emirate Qatar and neighboring Saudi Arabia, offering financial support and weapons to Islamist groups rebels fighting the forces of Al-Assad.

The authors considered the credible witness and his evidence after subjecting them to “rigorous scrutiny” and put the results of their work available to the UN, governments and organizations defending human rights.

“We now have direct evidence of what happened to those who disappeared,” said Crane.


To prepare the study, the lawyers questioned the defector photographer, who admitted not having witnessed torture or executions but credibly described his system working.

“César” said she took pictures of the dead in custody “for two reasons,” to “issue a death certificate without families have to see the body” and “to confirm that the orders to execute certain individuals had been met “.

According to the dissident, the families were told that the victim had died of a “heart attack” or “breathing problems.”

Each body is assigned a branch connected to the service responsible for his arrest and death after security number and other hospital he assumed his death, after which the bodies were buried in rural areas.

According to forensics, in most cases the wound that killed is not appreciated, reflecting the care taken by the regime to hide their practices.

“The photos of emaciated bodies reminiscent of the Nazi concentration camps,” De Silva said in an interview with the BBC. “We estimate that the elements that gave us the confidence can help find crimes against humanity,” he said. The former prosecutor considered “highly unlikely” that try to fake photos.












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