Cosmetic Argentina


Cosmetic Argentina can forget for a while the dollar since arriving at 12 heft and will continue to rise, as the figures for inflation, with an additional plus, stigmatized in the unequivocal fact that whoever captures green, not reenter the circuit .

Even ignore the Gendarmes, sent today to Cordoba, be “human carousels” when tempered things in that Province, soon to be moving between rivers, then Tucumán, La Rioja, Jujuy and so on, until “police matter” again exploit more looting across the nation, when the new school year approaches.

As our cases, ceased to be it, to establish itself as an everyday, these and other excesses, are diagrammed on the same page that its notorious predictability.

Because the ordinary and vulgar has displaced any corrective imaginary.

That Etchegaray have enjoyed your holiday in Rio, recommending to others Argentinos do so at national spas, is similar in time and space to Menem, who said his family chose to Punta del Este, because surely there climatological phenomena, mutilated the lives of four people in Villa Gesell did not happen.

So is this coarse Argentina, for other inscrutable.

In the “slum cumbia” as an expression of Art, offset to Tango and Folklore.

In 1976 “Isabelita” with absolute absence of a milligram of IQ, all made us assume that heir apparent Peron imposed on us, would be an exception to the rule, it was not, but it would be much to overcome and the Women suffer waste today, should teach us that we have lost track of time.

That usually staunch past mistakes.

The military government, having exposed the skin of thousands of subordinates, hundreds of whom fell in the line of duty, we can now see that nothing useful has bequeathed us.

A little to contemplate, Democrats who succeeded primates.

And not only have multiplied in this thirty year brutality, but also improved and strengthened.

If regroup all the photos we knew Peronist get by analogy we could make a hefty album as having any police force in their Divisions Theft and Robbery.

And if we do those of the radicals, for we could combine one Lifters judicial record of illegal gambling.

That is the current and devalued XRay Ezequiel Martínez Estrada Pampa, Argentina was immortalized when chosen for immigrants seeking to someday achieve prosperity.

Today, all patches are projects, such as utilities, deflagrados by Menem and accented by these damn.

Average people, is voluntarily agree that dazed and disconnected.

And I look at this inexplicable phenomenon, some plausible explanation, for it seems far-fetched at first reading.

The Argentine now has become a primary mutant that suits all kinds of changes, they are unforgiving.

No access to mortgage credit and as bovine response, taking holidays abroad and / or change of vehicle or simply opt for purchasing luxury goods.

And limited to that rock behavior, their protest as a prisoner of the system.

When the recent episodes of power outages, the direct victims. disciplined chose to disrupt traffic in the sectors concerned, throwing a maddening way, the possibility of a mass mobilization to Olivos or Rosada, since the victims were millions, just in the suburbs of the city of Buenos Aires.

Within this ideology fearful, unable to concoct a rebuke of epic proportions, as set fire to the house of Congress and government together, knowing that from these two plants, the first and second default by direct action, are the cause that derail trains, which concluded at the doors of their homes, which are devoid of a minimally decent education for their children, who are legitimate users and therefore beneficiaries of a corroded electrical supply, which ripped off by taxes, which are devoid of primary and hospital network in order to make them suffer all kinds of abuse and destratos.

And above all this and much more that I miss not to indigestion the Reader, that the lives of ordinary people, whether as a sort of divine punishment.

It is unnecessary to elapse involuntarily life miserable as an unredeemed penitent.

And in these highlights paragraphs I wonder why the Argentine Well, it works, invest again when you stop fearing the confiscation of their heritage, lives as a mi * rda, as a classless, as a simple Kaffir, with all elements to reverse these curses which is the subject?

I have some partial answers to these curious puzzles.

The “do not mess” is one of them and a cyclopean fortress.

And I admit the remaining circle does not close properly, is an indigestible mess of hope.

As the pros * ituta not hold out much longer and no dolphins.

And in some strange way, as they came finally leave.

And worse, that is, when they disappear, stifling tax skein and realigns desfalcadora on rails, slightly tolerable.

In summary, the Argentine, as is customary, to periods of bonanzas as strictures, is willing to bet on the future, even if it will ignore most chilling and dilapidated or tempering the opposite.

It is too attached to the vagaries of tailwinds, soybean, a dollar that some believe, will again be cheap, international depreciation or simply because Magoya descend from the sky and fix this mess.

And this poor deluded neighbor, which all have a little, knows that with so many “villas” with intention to enter into a new urban mapping, has definitely lost what was once a source of national pride, and the unfathomable past was




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