Danone withdraws milk powder for babies in several Asian countries risk of botulism


A newborn baby. (Gtres) items are supplied by the New Zealand supplier Fonterra. Sold in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and New Zealand. So have other companies with the same supplier. The producer found concentrate whey protein contaminated milk. ECO ® social activity What’s this? 47% 6 +1 I like I gustaNo emailCompartir EFE. 05.08.2013 – 13:56 h The French dairy group Danone said Monday it has withdrawn from the market in several countries in Asia batches of milk powder for babies from their local brands Dumez and Karicare because some lots were at risk of botulism. According to the company, the recalled products come from their supplier Zealand Fonterra and marketed in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and New Zealand. “No consumer has lodged any complaints yet,” a spokesman for Danone. Danone joins four other Chinese companies this weekend started to withdraw some of its products to supermarkets after Fonterra Hallam contaminated with bacteria that can cause botulism food. These firms Wahaha Health Food Co., Hangzhou Wahaha Import & Export Co., Shanghai Tangjiu Dumex Baby Food Co. and Co. In a later statement, however, the Chinese authorities have reported that Coca-Cola China is also one of the importers in China Fonterra, although it has not been confirmed if the latter firm has begun to recall products. The New Zealand company Fonterra, the world’s leading exporter of dairy products, said it has sold eight clients, whose names have not revealed-protein concentrate whey milk suspected of being contaminated due to a dirty pipe in one of its plants. This is the second case of food contamination Fonterra suffering this year after January found in some of its products remains dicyandiamide, an inhibitor of nitrates used in fertilizers.

Read more at: http://www.20minutos.es/noticia/1889055/0/danone-retira/leche-bebes/asia-riesgo-botulismo/#xtor=AD-15&xts=467263


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