Hacking iOS devices: iPhone & iPad

To date they have sold over 500 million iOS devices and even system security has improved with each version can still find vulnerabilities to exploit. Remember that the weakest point in a system are the users, a default configuration or incorrect, lack of system upgrade or just user ignorance and foster more than likely make a successful attack on the system, with all the danger that entails.
Safety audits in companies increasingly encounter more iOS devices in their objectives. Policies BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) make more and more employees use their own iPhone or iPad in their jobs, with their corporate applications, and from enterprise networks, which makes you have to think about them as potential security risks.
In this book have gathered a large group of security experts in the field to gather in a text, all forms of attack an iPhone or iPad for a given user terminal. Using methodologies applicable to any system, such as MITM attacks (Man In The Middle), WLAN access points supplanted (AP Roque), XSS attacks Client-Side attacks in wireless networks, local attacks, attacks platform exclusive iOS as JailOwnme, theft of data through the backup is done in iCloud and how to use techniques Jailbreak benefit of an auditor, are some of the issues discussed.
It also presents an overview of the architecture of the operating system of Apple guided proof of concept, with a practical approach that will help the reader understand the risks to subject these devices, and even replicate testing your own machine. Local multiple iPhone Tricks addition, little tricks to perform on an iPhone device having physical access to it, through which will be available through the contacts Siri, or view the latest images obtained with the device camera are included.
After reading this book, if a particular user has an iPhone or an iPad, I’m sure the reader will think of many ways to get the information it is stored or to control what is done with it.


http://0xword.com/es/libros/39-libro-hacking-dispositivos-ios-iphone-ipad.html… Download this book here 👍… Thanks :))

By Hack Deutsch



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