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January 20, 2014
Passwords are very important in these days where we spent glued to our computer, smartphone and tablet; trust them much of our information, so care must be taken to generate strong passwords to avoid compromising our data.

Although there are now more aware about the importance of creating strong passwords irlas plus eventually changing, there are still many people who use very easy to break or crack passwords. Which is why we want to share with you the list of the most used passwords.


These are the most used passwords of 2013

If the password that you are using, please … Change it now! Listed here These passwords are easy to crack and can compromise your information, I say, for something appear in the following list:

1. 123456
Two. password
Three. 12345678
May. abc123
6. 123456789
7. 111111
8. 1234567
9. iloveyou
10. adobe123
11. 123123
12. Admin
13. 1234567890
14. letmein
15. photoshop
16. 1234
17. monkey
18. shadow
19. sunshine
20. 12345
21. password1
22. princess
23. azerty
24. trustno1
25. 000000

Here are the list of the 25 most used passwords over the past year, we hope that in 2014 all the people who use any of these passwords, do stop and consider generate better passwords to protect your information. If you want more info about how to generate secure passwords, visit this link.

With information from Gizmodo.


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