Kenya is the largest economy in the region but not the one with less poverty Economy

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 – 8:04
A global economic monitoring report, conducted by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, reveals that while Kenya is the largest economy in East Africa has more people living below the poverty line than neighboring Uganda. The study, which puts the poverty line at a cost of $ 1.25 per person per day, said that in Kenya there are 43.37% of people below this threshold for 38,01% in Uganda.
The report measures the economic and social progress of each country, and in this issue shows a change in the regional economic power. According to the independent news agency News From Africa, based in Kenya, in addition to Sudan and Zambia, Uganda is doing the best that the country is perceived as the “regional economic tiger”, Kenya, which gets half of the things imports.
In poverty levels, and in relation to other neighbors include Rwanda stands at 63.17%, 67.87% on Tanzania and Burundi in a high 81.32%, a figure linked to the civil war suffered the country until 2005. Tanzania and Burundi are the countries of the East African Community with a higher percentage of poverty.
The report also notes that despite its growth, sub-Saharan Africa has lagged behind compared to the rest of the world in terms of the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, among others, aimed at reducing poverty levels by half. “Emerging markets and developing countries are growing robustly despite slow growth in advanced economies. Maintaining this growth (…) is key to further progress in reducing poverty as we approach 2015,” said Hugh Bredenkamp, Deputy Director of Strategy, Policy and Review Department.

Country: Kenya Capital: Nairobi Population: 43,852,900 Independence: 1963 Life expectancy: 57.7 years Languages: English, Swahili (official), Kikuyu, Luo HR: 0.519 Currency: Shilling GDP per Capita ($): 645 – See more at:




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