Live Effects Enabler: filters iOS 7 for all iDevices (Cydia)



Older devices that could qualify for iOS 7 are the iPad 2 and iPhone 4, but having iOS 7 does not mean they have all the news for example have an iPad or an iPhone 5S Air. Apple “hood” many features of the full version to older devices such as: Full Parallax effect, Air Drop, and of course, the filters on camera (live). We will focus on this latest development that caused a stir on the web: photographic filters on the camera. If you have a new device, try to enter the camera and get a small button which lets you display a list of photographic filters that can be applied from the camera (without a subsequent treaty) are displayed. If you enjoy these effects / filters (as your iOS device 7 does not allow it) just download Live Effects Enabler from Cydia.

Photographic filters in camera with “Live Effects Enabler”
As I said, one of the new features that I like about iOS 7 (plus Air Drop) was the possibility of placing photographic filters live from the camera itself, but sorry I have an iPad 2 (since it did not support this function with iOS 7 be installed on my iPad). Anyway, in iPad News, we offer a solution to use these filters in non-compatible devices through the jailbreak tweak: Live Effects Enabler.

The first thing to do is download “Live Effects Enabler” from the BigBoss repo (do not worry, you have not installed the default) using Cydia. The tweak in question, Live Effects Enabler, is free so you will not have to pay a penny for it.

Once “Live Effects Enabler” installed, access the application: “Camera” in the upper right you will have a small button like you see in the picture above. By clicking the button, the display is divided into 9 different parts. Each party applies different to what the camera is seeing (as does iOS 7 compatible devices) effect.





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