The Kenyan Parliament will spend $ 350,000 on iPad for its Members The Kenyan parliament could spend $ 350,000 on iPad for its members.


The project objective is to reduce the use of paper of parliament.
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Antonio Mira January 21, 2014 16:00
Kenya wants iPad to the members of his government

Not the first time we talked about using the iPad by public officials. The very President of the United States has been repeatedly photographed carrying your Apple iPad. And on TV we see more and more politicians and famous people who use it as a working tool.

Nor is it the first time we talk about mass purchases of Apple’s tablet. Not long ago we told you that the Los Angeles District wanted to buy thousands of iPad to distribute to students. Finally, this project started but was stopped by certain problems that arose, but the idea was pretty good.

The Kenyan parliament divided among its members iPad

Today we bring you more news on the talk about the purchase by the government of many Apple iPad amounts to distribute to certain public offices. Maybe this time more for shock produced in a country with few resources.

According to published information, the Kenyan Parliament is willing to spend almost $ 350,000 on the purchase of 450 iPad for distribution among its members and staff of the National Assembly and the Senate. The daily says that this step was taken with the idea of ​​helping the legislative body of the African country to reduce the more than half a million sheets of paper are used each week in parliament.

The source of this news has also commented that instead of bringing printed schedules, notices, advertisements, and similar documentation, members of Parliament and senators will have access to documents in digital format from your iPad. Kenyan lawmakers are convinced that the cost of this operation is justified, not only by reducing the use of paper, but by an expected increase in the productivity of their workers.

Curiously, as explained in iPhoneinCanada, we can say that the price of the iPad in the former British colony is between $ 640 and $ 815, depending on the model ordered. We do not know what model they have chosen to distribute it in parliament, but what is clear is that members of the Kenyan parliament are certainly quite happy.




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