The Whatsapps worst that you can send to your ex Sometimes we win anxiety by having contact with those who were masters of our heart and we can make mistakes.

January 17, 2014
9:28 hrs
The worst Whatsapp for ex. (Info7)

Mexico, DF -. Whatsapp is a good tool to keep in touch with the people we love (even where not), but sometimes it can be treacherous and put you in an embarrassing situation by exposing your dementia and need to bring the past to this no matter how much damage you do.
We present some of the worst Whatsapp messages you can send to your ex:
“I miss you”. For starters, if you let him, and let it go and do not you walk with little games that you miss him. If you left, you learn to deal with it and get over it once. It is hard, but once you make it worth it.
“We will meet again, I have one house.” This phrase can bring two consequences. The first is that your ex and you propose cede be to remember old times. Second, you’ve sent the message thinking it’s your pickup, your faje, your free or as you say, and you realize that it is you sent your ex.
“I just kiss my loved ones and I keep thinking of you.” For starters, if you have a new partner that you do not pull. Two, do you think your ex will amount you who you kiss? What is something your ex and that will not change.
“Last night I had a great time.” Be careful whenever you have a chance encounter, whether it is a “little friend or buddy.” Check either the recipient of your message before pressing “send”, you may want to show off that amazing pass without him or her, but you can let him know that your only company is loneliness.
“I need to see you to give me back my stuff. Urges Me”. Nobody urged to return their stuff, unless I tried something really vital as medicine or official documents. Not worth a drag Whatsapp to ask “disquitos”, “toothbrush”, “your bunny pajamas” and other items that the only thing they will do is remind you.
“Love, bring condoms.” If you’re planning a night of passion with your current partner, do not ever send this kind or error message to your ex. Surely he or she also has who “cast paw” and you answered one of those “What about not enough to see, here I have leftover from me?”.
“We see that you spend very well without me.” Obviously! For something is no longer with you. Stop stalkearlo in all your social networks and be aware of every move she makes. No longer forms part of your life, understand!
“Now put me down”. And, do you think he cares not going to be a father of a son or endeavored to do? If you are a man, do not ever give your ex the question “Have you dropped?” What if he says no and you have to return to take charge of your slip.
“I failed, I thought you were the love of my life.” If you put the horn, obviously I was not the love of your life. If you sent the devil was obviously NOT the love of your life. How old are you, 100? If you are under that age can not you give that title to someone shared with you a few months, weeks or days.
“Look what you’re missing.” Put your feet on the ground. Not that we’re losing, it is no longer wanted. At this point your naked body already knows. In one of those and revenge your photos end up becoming the most viral social networking. Love yourself more!
It’s hard to beat an ex, it’s hard to stay away when there are so many ways to keep in touch as Whatsapp, but strong and avoid sending such messages. No matter if you’re drunk, depressed, bored or too happy that you want to rub in the face. Hang in there and learn how to enjoy this new stage.


By romantic_404 Sector :))



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