iOS 7.1 Beta 4 blocks the exploit used to jailbreak Evad3rs


There were many rumors circulating on the network with the launch of the new developer version of Apple’s mobile operating system. And although only a couple of days ago in iPhone News we’ve told you what’s new with iOS 7.1 coming beta 4, is the fact is that today the issue has been in the news for another matter, the jailbreak related.

In this case we have a tweet from one of the best known developers of the process for a device without the locks that Apple set default iH8snow, which can not be more disappointing. As said, Apple would have blocked the exploit that allowed the latest jailbreak 7 work perfectly with successive versions of iOS 7.

As we read in the tweet posted on his official account, which do not fit deception or false rumors, the news is bad, but it could be worse. Actually the developer comes to tell us that jailbreak iOS 7 is not compatible with the changes implemented in Apple iOS 7.1 beta 4, because the company has found the “hole” for which trickled to carry out the process of Original release.

However, offering new hope emerge when we pay a little more attention. Although Cupertino has managed to patch the vulnerability principle 7 in its new iOS beta 4 iOS 7.1, the error code evad3rs used to enter the system and allowing the jailbreak still exists, and that means that the next development application could be much faster and easier.

By this I mean, or rather, taking the words of the developer iH8snow basis that although we must make changes so that the jailbreak is compatible with iOS 7.1 may not require much time. Fingers crossed, just in case.



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