NOW MANDATORY IN ARGENTINA: The Scandal of the hepatitis B vaccine



The scandal
Hepatitis B vaccine
First official confessions.
“The risks exist. Has
massively vaccinated without sufficient perspective
goes. The vaccine manufacturers manipulate
information “and end up wondering. Is
be immunized?.
According to the dossier, the risks of the vaccine
hepatitis B were confirmed by new
studies, a part of multiple sclerosis
and serious neurological conditions, add the
autoimmune diseases.
Deciding that vaccination campaigns
ing school will not be renewed in France is without
definitely a breakthrough.
“When I hear you say at this point that the
risk is zero, it seems grotesque. Not
possible “. Thus expressed in relation to
hepatitis B vaccine the proferor Bégaud,
Laboratory Director Pharmacovigilance
University of Bordeaux, where they have been
conducted several studies on the effects
Secondary cough vaccine. The
Bégaud is also vice president of the
National Pharmacovigilance Commission on
French Agency for Health Safety
Health Products (AFSSAPS), ie, in the
ex-Drug Agency.
Commenting on the latest report of
the agency regarding the effects of
hepatitis vaccine, Professor Bégaud recom-
noce that the change in vaccination policy, an-
ated on 1 October 1998 by Bernard
Kouchner, is irreversible. Also attacked the
distributed in schools information
vaccination is praised, and accuses the labo-
laboratories have circulated information
inaccurate. The findings of the new study
God pharmacovigilance published 6
Last March they go in the same direction.
As in 1998, the key word is
being “underreporting”. The number of cases
affected by multiple sclerosis and diseases
severe neurological ties is increasing.
The AFSSAPS has counted 723 cases between
beginning of the commercialization of vaccines
and December 31, 1999. Most
these, 200 were recorded in 1999, which
test the importance of the delay of notification
tion to the agency. Such cases have not been
I could be included in the evaluation, the
results have just been made public.
“The existence of a weak risk-afeccio
tions demyelinating or autoimmune diseases
mon associated with the vaccine may not be
excluded, nor the existence of certain
populations with sensitivity factors-
ity individuals, says report
agency, which first took into
autoimmune diseases and has an-
towards a next revision. ”
Despite its shortcomings, the official study
tion calls into question not only the cases of
multiple sclerosis and neurological diseases
Zone, but also marrow aplasia, purple-
trombopénicas pure, rheumatoid polyarthritis,
lupus and Basedow’s disease (goiter). By
eg lupus cases in vaccinated
are significant in subjects over 40
However, “a lot of reports
counted by the Revahb (Association of Defence
Affected and Victims) has not been taken into
account by the agency, “laments its president,
affected physician Dr. Jakubowicz





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