Steve Jobs the dark side of genius or, demystifying idols


Dictatorial traits, greed and directly reported verbal abuse and working various media. Even his biographer, Walter Isaacson, contains some fine details of the founder of Apple.

A time to rest in peace Steve Jobs, already said recent speeches on his behalf and the gigantic wave of tributes begins to decay, has begun to emerge, inevitably perhaps, a darker Apple founder and master side.

In articles and stories for newspapers, magazines and blogs, and in the biography “Steve Jobs”, the portrait of the perfect genius marketing technology and reveals some trizaduras.

“He was a tyrant,” whispered The New York Times. “He enjoyed publicly humiliating his employees,” Fortune murmured. “In strict truth, Jobs could be terrible to people and their impact on the world was not entirely positive,” said the online medium Gawker.

The first sign of his considerable ego and aggressive temperament was stamped under the new written by Walter Isaacson, in his departure from Apple in 1985, after a passionate discussion with then-CEO John Sculley biography. Jobs said goodbye with a bang, created a new company, NeXT Computer in 1986, and acquired the computer animation division Lucasfilm.Inc shortly after turning in Pixar. In 1996 he returned as a glorious general after the battle to Apple, and from the beginning it was felt the power of his new strength and prestige.

According to Gawker, even before their first game, Jobs already had a reputation as a tyrant. “He abused regularly on its employees, swore and pressed to break them emotionally. In his quest for greatness, put aside diplomacy and empathy. His verbal abuse never stopped. ”

Last month, shortly before the death of the employer, Fortune published an article related a “day of humiliation” Jobs have had on one of his teams. “They have stained the reputation of Apple”, reproached them, “should hate each other for having betrayed the trust of each.”





Miser Leader

Unlike Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, who have announced their intention to donate most of his fortune to philanthropy, Jobs, despite having accumulated a personal fortune of around 7 billion dollars, never worked, at least publicly, in charity or charitable causes. In 1997, after his return to Apple, closed all the company’s philanthropic programs despite their gains, never returned to reinstate them.

Last year, after a report in the British Daily Mail on working conditions at Apple factories in China, the company released a report acknowledging that the problem of “underage workers” had worsened in recent times , and many factories related to the company not only hired children under 16 years of legal age to get a job in China, but subjected them to work hard for long hours.

“The factory at peak production, operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet global demand for Apple phones and computers, your typical day begins with the Chinese national anthem bursting through the speakers, get up, get up, get up, million heart and one mind, “he wrote in his report the Daily Mail” Employees usually work for periods of 15 hours a day and sleep in rooms that look prisons, cabins and bamboo plates as mattresses. Despite temperatures of 35 degrees with 90 percent humidity, no air conditioning, and workers say that sometimes there are up to 40 people crammed into pieces remain also infested with ants and cockroaches “…

The same newspaper reported in May last year on the wave of suicides at Foxconn, an affiliate of Apple factory where more than 40 thousand employees work. So far, there have been 12 suicide attempts-successfully -10, where young employees simply thrown through the windows of sad concrete building where they live and work.

One of the more sinister aspects of personality and work ethic Jobs says Gawker, was his authoritarianism. Being a company that promotes an ideal of freedom, where everyone has a voice and, more importantly, have the right to use it, Apple can sometimes seem surprisingly undemocratic. “Under the guise of protecting children from pornography and eroticism, and adults of each other, Jobs stopped at some point in their products installed applications with gay art, political cartoons, pamphlets congressmen, Vogue and photographic portfolios anything else that might seem morally suspect, “says the website. “Apple’s devices have connected us to a world of information, but do not allow the full expression of ideas. Indeed, the people Apple supposedly serves, the rebels, revolutionaries, has been the most affected by the practices of Jobs “.

In its decision to keep its surrounded by mystery, the legal team of the company has acted sometimes with unscrupulous techniques and secret police. In 2005, for example, Apple filed a lawsuit against a blogger of 19 years, Nick Ciarelli, because it revealed plans to launch the Apple Mac Mini. Ciarelli was forced to permanently close its blog. Shortly later, the known technology blog Gizmodo suffered a similar incident when he posted a video of the prototype of the iPhone 4. As Gawker calls “fascist tendencies of Apple”, the home of one of the editors was traced by private security guards linked to the company. The success of Steve Jobs, some might suggest, there would have been if his character had been more discreet and conciliatory. Large companies require great leaders and great leaders, one way or another, are often distinguished by her strong personality, determination and temperament. Jobs seems to confirm the theory that each icon has two sides.


By Hack Deutsch


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