The Dark Side of Apple Factories in China (BBC Special)


Beijing (BBC News) – With more than 70 million iPhones sold last year, and 30 million iPads and 59 million other products, apple bite Apple has become a distinctive mark by any person interested in the technological world.
But especially in recent times, Apple has not been at the center of attention only for its minimalist design, its financial performance or the characteristics of their products, but for a very different issue, much less-known labor conditions Chinese employees working in factories where most of their products are assembled. Now, a journalist with the U.S. television network ABC was exclusive to Chinese factories run by Foxconn, which are a leading provider of access technology giant.
Independent Inspections
The route of the reporter in the video attached-occurs days after Apple announced that an independent inspection group-members of the Association for the job fair or Fair Labor Organization-revise suppliers responsible for 90% of its products, especially in the factories of Foxconn in Shenzhen and Chengdu.
There has been criticism about the conditions in which they make the iPhones and iPads.
Security in these plants has been questioned after a series of fatal accidents and suicides, plus reports on the grueling schedules of several employees working 12 hours a day, six days a week.
In early February, an online petition signed by at least 155,000 people asked Apple to do more to ensure that its employees in China were treated better, while another petition with 50,000 signatories demanded that the iPhone is produced ethically . One company that has generated more attention is the Taiwanese Foxconn, the private sector in China’s largest and is responsible for the production of the iPhone, for reports say at least 18 of its employees have attempted suicide employer. Explaining the Inspectors Review, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, said that “the inspections are being unprecedented in the electronics industry, both in scale and scope.”
Apple also sent to the BBC about his latest clicInforme Progressive Accountability Suppliers, detailing who performed 229 audits in its supply chain in 2011. The company added that an increase of 80% compared to 2010 and includes more than 100 audits performed for the first time. According to the document, in factories 93 employees worked more than 60 hours limit approved by the U.S. company, and a third of the revised plant had not implemented sufficient measures to prevent occupational accidents.
In response, Apple began reviewing weekly work shifts, called factories will undertake changes and hired a consultant. Tim Cook, the successor to Steve Jobs-sent his employees an internal email in which he states: “To us our values ​​define us. Unfortunately some people are questioning Apple’s values ​​today … We value every worker in our global supply chain … Any suggestion that we do not care is patently false and offensive to us. ”
Source: BBC News



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