The dark side of Apple. Part Three

Apple’s competitors are offered a hefty document that the company first revealed the 156 links that make up 97% of its production chain. Firms are the main technological Cupertino used to give life to the iPhone, iPad and Mac But the report also reveals more things that can give more ammunition to the critics of the way to make the company directed Tim Cook , which incidentally was awarded one million shares for his work (376.2 million dollars to the price of 24 August).
      The sixth annual report on the liability of suppliers confirms that most of the companies working for Apple operating in Asia. It is an interesting fact, considering the intense political debate in crisis, and the campaign for the presidential and running, there are in the U.S. on the export of jobs and the holes in the tax regime applicable to multinational U.S.. In addition, violations detected in the audits performed by the company in the workplace, and their nature are listed.

     The average compliance with the code of conduct is 74%. In categories such as employee fair treatment, prevention of recruitment below the legal working age or respect for freedom of association, that compliance rises to 90%. But in the category related to working time falls to 38%. It is one of the most controversial points of the Apple business model, because of the high number of suicides at Foxconn in China controlled plantes, one of the main contractors who use electronic signatures to assemble their products.
     For example, there are 93 facilities where more than half of the employees exceeded the limit of hours of work established for at least a week in the period in which sampling was performed. Or that 24 plants pregnancy tests to those employed (56 who do not have procedures to prohibit the discriminatory practice) were performed. A similar deficiency was also detected in regard to discrimination based on medical outcomes, such as testing for hepatitis B employees or aspiring to work in these subcontracts.
     Apple is not the only one that depends on these businesses to produce their devices. But their visibility and media coverage that accompanies the release of any of your gadgets, it is also the most exposed to criticism. There is more abuse. For example, there are 37 companies that do not adequately control the days that employees work, ie, can not ensure that rest at least one day in seven. And there are 42 pay late, 68 which do not provide adequate health coverage to their employees or not give 49 paid holidays.
     Almost half of subcontractors used salary cuts as a disciplinary measure, and most do not provide adequate compensation when they throw more hours at work. And there are companies in which employment cases discovered were minors. Six in particular, in which the firm was unable to verify the age of the worker, because there controls to ensure that the documentation was false. In this case, Apple insists, as it did in past reports, that there was no intention and will not rest until they reset.
     A count, admittedly, honest violations. Apple is not the only electronics company doing these audits, states that only broke relations with a company that does not cite the name, arguing that abuses committed repeatedly. Cook is considered the key executive in structuring this complex chain. Before assuming the command of the company, he was director of operations. Apple also just join the Fair Labor Association, an organization dedicated to protecting the rights of workers.


By romantic_404 Sector



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