Unscrupulous & CIA.

Multinationals invest millions to preserve the image of their brands. Save where it is in the conditions of production. As a result, deplorable labor relations, poverty and human rights violations occur. In these cases, social commitment is nothing more than a publicity stunt.
Shell Oil Company is one of the main sources of financing social projects in the Niger Delta (West Africa) This corporation spends almost 60 million per year to schools and health institutions in the
impoverished southern region Nigeria.1 In Europe and Japan, Shell is among the biggest promoters of solar energy: alli multinational builds generating equipment. A flyer reads: “We are convinced that they can only be successful companies that pursue three objectives. Competitiveness, social responsibility and ecological orientation”
To all this, the company represent long enemy image for environmental and human rights groups. In 1995, when Shell wanted to immerse the Brent Spar oil rig in the North Sea, millions of motorists boycotted gas stations with yellow logo mollusk until the company revio his position. That same year, the signature image was affected for the second time with the murder of writer Ken Saro Wiwa. A Shell, the largest producer of oil in Nigeria, is accused of having cooperated with the former military regime of that country, who just got rid of this annoying opposition to the oil industry.
Now we know that too obvious violation of humanitarian and environmental harms the business interests. “Shell is working to ensure that their activity does not lead to human rights violations,” says Arwind even Ganesan, prestigious organization Human Rights Watch. According to his opinion, environmental and human rights reports issued by the company are up a model for other firmas.2
By the way, the people of Nigeria has a very different opinion: Shell was and remains responsible for the destruction of vital livelihood of thousands of families. Those protesting against this multinational even today continue to suffer intimidation. And the company, despite his unscrupulous exploitation of indigenous resources, is refusing to pay an adequate economic compensation to the victims: the victims of the Ogoni people of the view that, since the beginning of its activities in Nigeria, Shell has extracted oil from its soil for approximately 35,000 million euros.3 Already in year 1992 it was estimated that the environmental damage caused by the exploitation amounted to 4,000 million euros.
60 million, according to data given the company’s social commitment.

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