iPhone 5 and its dark side: The Suicides


Not everything about the iPhone 5 was going to be as wonderful as Apple wants us to see. And, making this gem of engineering remains controversial for suicides that continue to occur in the Foxconn factory.

Last Wednesday, the day was presented the iPhone 5, a 22-year-old Yang died when thrown from their proximity to the resort apartment Guanlan factory in Shenzhen City (southwest China). This event is the second suicide is recorded after the last March Foxconn signed an agreement with Apple to improve working conditions for workers. In the agreement, the manufacturer undertook to reduce working hours, improve security protocols and other social grant fitters iPhones and iPads benefits.

According to reports today El Periódico de Catalunya, an undercover reporter from the Shanghai Evening Post claim the working conditions of the Chinese manufacturer of the iPhone 5. A regime of relentless work and some smelly bedrooms with barbed wire on the windows which are found the journalist who has infiltrated the company’s factory Foxconn denouncing working conditions Maker iPhone 5 in China.

Their work reveals that business as usual in China, remain similar to those reported abuses in January The New York Times.

Chinese journalist remained infiltrated plant Tai Yuan City for 10 days. “The first night in the bedroom of Foxconn was a nightmare. The whole room smelled like garbage when I opened my locker and left there a lot of cockroaches. Also, the sheets were dirty and full of ash, “he told the reporter.

One day, the plant supervisor “showed us a piece of the iPhone 5 and said, ‘This is the back plate of the new iPhone 5, a model that has not even been presented. You should sentiros honored to make it. ”

Mark 3000 plates per day

“By my calculations, I had to make [a pen] iPhone five enclosures every minute minimum. In 10 hours, I had to have lists 3,000 backplanes. This is terrifying. The pace of work gave me a terrible neck pain and a muscle strain in the arm. ”

Foxconn, the largest electronics manufacturer in the world, has spent years in the spotlight for the many allegations against the firm for violation of the rights of trabajadores.Y is no wonder, because since 2010, more than twenty employees in China have taken his life.

So is the raw reality. As we think about what it will cost in Spain the iPhone 5 free, hundreds of workers suffer hardships to make it.



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