Rumor: why Tim Cook visited Valve could be a new console



By Staff Atomix 16/04/2012 1:20 pm 85 comments
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We had already told you about the mysterious Tim Cook visits to the offices of Valve, a fact that was paid for all conclusions we removed what it would be. Today, the Cult of Mac page brought, exclusively, details of what could be a new console created by Valve and Apple. More details inside.

Rumors indicate that Apple plans to launch a new console to compete against the big three companies that currently make up the market. But what’s interesting are its specifications.

According to the report, it is compatible with the Apple TV console (possibly to buy one bundle) which will have technology similar to Kinect, voice recognition Siri style and tácil control in addition to motion capture. If the rumors are true, this console will be developed by the two companies, probably combining what both do best, the hardware and Apple marketing and creativity, expertise and innovation of Valve.

We could also expect a delivery mode through Steam or iTune. Even if it is true, we might even get to see iSteam sometime.

This is not the first time Apple ventures into the world of consoles. In 1995, next to Bandai, created a console called Pippin Bandai unsuccessful due to the fragility of Apple at the time as his powers, PlayStation dominated the market. Only 50,000 units were sold, and then the project was abandoned.

I sincerely hope that this rumor is not left in it. Be beyond Apple, the idea excites me to see Valve console. Only hope, possibly at E3 loose more information.

Source: Cult of Mac



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