11 things you should know about social media


BJ Mendelson, the author of “Social Media is Bullshit” is the owner of a Twitter account verified with three-quarters of a million followers and a stint in the list of Twitter followers suggested. “I am essentially the Forrest Gump of Twitter,” Mendelson, who spoke at the Marketing Conference in San Francisco AllTwitter said. He shared 11 tips for successful social networks:

1. In the U.S., less than 16% of the population actually uses Twitter. Of that 16%, 40% actually does nothing. Of the remaining 60%, only 25% are creating most of the tweets you see. This includes celebrities and brands.

Two. If you can not answer the question, “why am I here using Twitter?” You should not be using it.

Three. A U.S. journalists love Twitter. It’s like crack for them. If you have a story in the media, there are two things you must have: one is a Wikipedia page, and the other is a Twitter account. If you have a Twitter account for any other reason, is because journalists looking at it.

April. If you have a Twitter profile, go to join so many other social platforms as possible, even if you never use them. They call it a “link wheel” or a “network”.

May. You have to have some kind of plan. Sports teams or big brands can get away with doing things on the fly. But for everyone else, resources are limited, time is limited and a comprehensive social media strategy is needed.

6. Have a landing page optimized to appear on your Twitter account. Include background information on how to use Twitter.

7. There is no universal right to send number of Tweets per day. That figure is based on customer data. Making customer research will learn when to send tweets, how many to send, and what kind. If you do not know who your customers are, have to stop, realize that, and then come to a plan.

8. If you have something to push, you have to push at least 3 times. Your followers on Twitter will not be through historical Tweets to see what they missed. Sending the same Tweet three times in different time zones ensures that more of your followers see the message.

9. If you are in the middle of a controversy, such as social media crisis exploding in Twitter, take these 4 steps to fix: 1. “Ask yourself: am I wrong,” Mendelson said. “If the answer is no, then do not worry about it.” 2. If “you did” apologize immediately. Three. Must also solve the problem in a transparent manner in public, on platforms where the negative feedback appears. April. Follow up with an update when the problem is resolved.

10. If you do not have email, phone number and the name of his followers, you’re doing it wrong. People will give you information with the right incentive.

11. The bigger you do, people tried to take him down. If you are big enough so that the media could be seeking to say “I have,” it pays to have at least one person who is trained to use Twitter. And it’s worth equipping everyone else in the company with at least a Twitter account so they can respond appropriately to a problem way.


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