9 reasons why you should not buy Apple


Before hostilities should clarify several things. Simply put: I’m a graphic designer, my first Mac was an LC 475, the famous “Pizza box”, and for over 20 years I have worked with Macs and PCs alike survived several battles between fans of both sides and I have been active in both rows as the other one. I currently work with PC, a clone that does not have many original parts, and use an iphone and an ipad for professional issues.

That said, and based on my experience, this article will argue that applying the most basic rules of common sense should not buy Apple products. That from an objective and rational view there are better alternatives. On the other hand I must assume that I have also succumbed (and perhaps succumb again), sometimes under the hypnotic power of manzanita, and finally, the heart has reasons that reason does not understand.

And now I wear a helmet, I review the parachute and here we go:

Apple is expensive. Period. If you add the cost of the parts list containing any Apple product you will not leave the accounts. Some people say that when you pay pay Apple innovation, R & D pay, and pay for the apple. But the reality is that Apple knows that a product is worth exactly what their customers would pay for it (first dogma of pricing) and the legion of defenders of the Cupertino company is always willing to spend the night in a queue with briefcase full of money . Therefore rationally price of Apple products is overrated, but apparently there are many who think the status is priceless. If we add that the apple makes a dollar conversion to euro 1-1 when pricing their products (!) We see that Apple’s products simply not worth the cost or cost what they are worth.

To ride roughshod current standards Apple offers a warranty of its products a year, when the law in hand are two-year warranty. For this reason, Apple has denounced FACUA to the National Institute of Consumption and Consumption regional administrations for violating the revised text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users, which states that “the seller responds nonconformities expressed within a period of two years from delivery. ” This is even more hurtful when it tries to sell Apple’s extended warranty plans with Apple Care Protection Plan (299 Euros for a Macbook Air). Even the most devout proponents of Apple recognized this deficiency.

Apple is a bunker, and it is in many ways:

From the point of view of Apple software is a model of seamless secrecy keeps tight control over what programs can and should run on their devices and what should not. To maintain secure borders has taken steps such as not to allow the use of Flash on many devices, tightly control your app store or contents, or not installed in its many ports USB devices by which you can enter any program or content not controlled by Apple.

Apple is an informational bunker deploying an intensive strategy of disinformation to cause anxiety to his followers. The leaks, speculations and prototypes cases “lost” become the talk of media and fans until they reach the messianic counted and official presentations.

It is a bunker, also, in his conception of hardware skipping all industry standards: Attempting to access the guts of your i-you-either to change the batteries: the task borders on the impossible and of course violates the conditions of appliance guarantee, invalidating.

The catalog of games available for Mac computers is laughable: 27, no more no less, today at the Apple Store. And this is perfectly normal (and apply other types of software): Why invest in the portability of my games to Apple when only 5% of computer users use a Mac? However, if yours playing on the iphone or ipad, ie casual games, maybe Apple products are good enough for you.

If I lived in a merciless war against regarding Apple products has been in the web design. Advocated irreconcilable fronts, one, for the excellence of Macs as computers to design web pages, and the other for their tremendous deficiencies.

From my point of view the issue is very simple: Macs can be as effective design tools as any PC (processing power, graphics power, …), the problem that arises is this. The problem is that Macs do a different interpretation to the PCs that make concepts like typography and color. Mac World is in the different (perhaps more beautiful) things are therefore provided by the display substantially different Macs that have 95% of the users of a web page from their PCs If someone fills the mouth to speak of “user centered design”, start with the basics …

Successful sales figures Apple has a cost: the deplorable working conditions in Chinese factories that produce some of the components of their machines. Many studies in this regard and efforts Cupertino company who claims to be made against this exploitative situation appear neither convincing nor effective. Not at least for those workers in Foxconn factories provider (Apple) that is to sign no-suicide clause in the company.

Apple’s subsidiary in Spain declared in 2010 a gross profit of about 400 million euros and should have paid the Iberian Treasury an amount exceeding 100 million euros. However, since the Spanish subsidiary only legally enter a 1% commission on sales, enough to cover the expenses of its staff in Spain, at the end of its profit before tax is only 5.8 million and paid in corporation tax is only 2 million. Summing up: Apple allowed to enter the public treasury about 100 million, that’s nothing.

Greenpeace offers a study in which periodic rate to large corporations based on their level of commitment to environmental policies. Apple has gone directly to the latest editions of these studies and the reason is more than simple: the company has refused to provide the data needed to Greenpeace evaluation. Thus, at a stroke and no answer, the apple has gone to the dark side of gardening but significant offering samples of their commitment to the environment.

With the ipod, iphone and ipad Apple revolutionized the market and rose on top of the “coolismo” but there are signs that this may change and indeed is changing: at Christmas 2012, the Samsung Galaxy 2 took a bath in previously untouchable iphone sales in the segment of smartphones. It was slimmer, lighter. Was simply more “cool”. The latest presentation of Apple disappointed and sundry for his conservative approach and continuity, could the passing away of the omniscient guru manzanita, Steve Jobs, I point to the final decline of the “cool factor” of Apple.

Source: http://www.netteo.es/9 reasons why you should not buy Apple


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