How to install Ubuntu?


How to install Ubuntu 13.10 step by step

Today sees the light of a new child of the Ubuntu Linux distribution, Saucy Salamander, reaching 13.10 version which today I will show you how to install it step by step.
Because if you install Ubuntu 13.10 is equal to its previous sibling, 13.04? Ok, visual improvements can be said to be minimal because most of the work is internal increasing their speed as much recognition hardware, plus other hard.

New Features

Smart Scopes Unity makes internet searches
New wallpapers are added to existing
Kernel 3.11 very stable and greater number of hardware using
and many details of the OS that the UI will not live to see but if you feel in your performance
-We downloaded the iso from the Ubuntu site. I recommend using the option to download through a torrent client as it will be much faster while not saturate the central servers of Canonical.

-Generate a cd from iso image or we can create a bootable USB.

-We started doing boot install on the computer and choose the language for our Ubuntu. In this article I am installing virtualbox virtual way but do not worry, the steps are the same on a computer. Press Enter


-We choose the second option if we will install once, if we have any questions we can go for the first option there if you can try it and decide whether or not installed. Press Enter


The installer welcome us and we can if we want to change the language. We click the Continue button


We preparations which recommends installation comply with 3 points, have enough free disk space, be connected to an electrical outlet (if a laptop) and be connected to internet. As a plus it is suggested to download updates and install third party software like MP3 support. We click the Continue button


Moment of the partitioning of the team, we can take full or enter More options for us to decide how to partition. If only you used it to Ubuntu and have no experience of leaving the default disk partitioning and LVM brand. If you are also paranoid can enable encryption and safer leaving your facility. We click the Install Now button


-Next step, choose the country where we are to change the time zone, if you are hard to find on the map you can type in the text box. We click the Continue button


-An important step, choose the keyboard that we are using. By doing so you can try special keys such as ñ. We click the Continue button


-We fill the data to create the master account and we click the Continue button


-If you are using cloud storage, Canonical invites you to use Ubuntu One, can activate an account, create a new one or just skip this step by clicking the Login button then


-Installation begins …


-After a while we will have our Saucy Ubuntu Linux installed. We click the Restart Now button


-Team reboot giving us time to remove the CD or USB from where we were installing


-You ask us reset the password for our account. Press Enter


Once inside, we can customize to our liking in the System Settings panel






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