The keys to the bag outlet Twitter

Today is the big day. The huge banner displayed on the facade of the New York Stock Exchange with the Twitter bird, Larry, well attested. Twitter, the Internet giant, the social network of communication used, and trades on the floor Yorker. It is the first of the many peculiarities of the operation, as natural as it had been so listed on Nasdaq, the Exchange technology. But that has not happened. Twitter goes public with more than 141 million shares, which have joined 333 million preferred shares, for a total of 474 million shares. However, among the founders and managers are left with 54% of the shares, and then there are the preferred shop and it is estimated that at the end will move on the floor about 70 million shares at a price between 23 and 25 dollars a share. The big question is: It will pick Twitter the interest of big investors? Because no doubt that social networking is the most popular and most highly regarded in the world, but also a permanent loss company. Not to forget that it is a free service, and so far has failed to sufficiently monetize their advertising revenue. How can a company attract investors losses? Because Twitter is not a normal company. To his credit, has many assets. It has over 200 million users, and sent more than 500 million tweets a day. It is used by all social and economic strata, from ordinary citizens to politicians, journalists, economists, intellectuals and celebrities. It is the most popular means of communication and immediate people today. The first statements after being re-elected Barack Obama president was the Twitter message: “Four more years”, which immediately became the most forwarded tweet history. Each time you use more from the mobile, where greater advertising revenue obtained right now. And do not forget that it is a unique product: there is no similar social network in the world, and any other attempt to copy it will take time to be at their level, if successful. Against this, it has yet to prove it can be profitable (although it is estimated it will raise 1.2 billion dollars in advertising next year), and that most of its users are abroad (ie outside of USA) and that investors do not like. It’s not xenophobia, it’s business: Twitter Wins $ 2.5 per thousand visits a user’s Timeline American, and only $ 0.36 if a user in another country. Did you know that a few weeks ago the company mistook Tweeter with Twitter and its shares were up 1800%? For the user Satin Twitter, which conforms to make ends meet and not even considered buying shares, in what does this mean? Easy: you will soon see more advertising on Twitter.




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