The 9 South American countries have lost more territory

By: Byron McSutton | December 15, 2011 | Views If you are a Spanish-speaking South America, it is likely that the history of your country, as I was taught in school, consisting of repeated territorial encroachments by their mendacious neighbors. Here in kemados are enemies of injustice, so I decided to make a ranking of the countries that have lost territories. To this end I have followed the scientifically proven coefficient kemados ™, which consists of dividing the territory that the country wants him reciprocated by the uti possidetis of 1810 (arbitrarily set or another of its republican history) between the territory currently held. The abuse will be exposed and condemned! 9. Venezuela coefficient kemados ™: 1.31 Neighbours evil: Colombia, Brazil and Guyana The last of the ranking is Venezuela, home of greats like Simon Bolivar, Hugo Chavez and Ricardo Montaner. Kemados ™ A coefficient greater than 1 corresponds to a country that has in effect lost territory, and Venezuela has lost 1.31 Thus, although it is the only Spanish-speaking South American country that has not fought a war since independence. Consider the map: Úfale! More than half of Venezuelan Guyana was! Really, Venezuela has been the victim of an unwarranted booty. Colombia, Guyana and even Brazil have much to answer for. Surely that took advantage of its forests Venezuela left unguarded frontier and the usurped. Territory to take a peaceful country like Venezuela, You ever seen … 8. Colombia Sharpe kemados ™: 1.44 Neighbours evil: Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Venezuela. Now, when I think of Colombia, there are many things that come to my head, like the Caribbean coast, the FARC, the Panama Canal … How much coke exported with all that additional territory? Wait! Do not we agree that Colombia took away territory to Venezuela? How is that chunk that losing to Colombia says Venezuela explained? They’ve gone crazy! It makes no sense that both have lost territory to each other … Well, something strange happens to be certainly not a rare anomaly. For the rest, everyone knows that Panama is now an independent republic, but recently seceded from Colombia in 1903. Decidedly, this itself can be considered a genuine reduction in territory populated and controlled. The rest of the territory is lost in the Amazon, where the lack of penetration of the Colombian state is difficult to know if the locals knew what was even “Colombia”. In these circumstances it would not be surprising if his wicked neighbors Ecuadorians, Peruvians, Brazilians and Venezuelans (!) And take advantage of this situation large tracts of territory taken away. What decadence, really. However, a kemados coefficient of only 1.44 ™, one could say that Colombia has taken relatively cheap compared to others in its neighbors. As long as you do not have to Gran Colombia 7. Peru Sharpe kemados ™: 1.58 Neighbours evil: Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile Several Peruvian may be surprised to find such a low Peru on location in the ranking of countries in terms of loss of territory. After all, have been inculcated from children to achieve independence, the Republic of Peru had a huge territory, which was being eaten by their neighbors over the years. As for video games, however, looks like Pac Man Wait! Is Colombia has taken away territory to Peru? Not out on the map above rather took away territory to Peru Colombia? What’s going on? And that’s not counting Ecuador and Brazil, which have taken away territory on both … with the only exception in both cases is the same territory. I mean, Peru and Colombia agree that those territories were usurped, but not agree on who lost. Well, are two rare things: Colombia-Venezuela-Colombia and Peru. Obviously Colombia is a country out of the Twilight Zone, which is capable of losing and gaining territory at the same time. For the rest, it’s obvious that Bolivia and Brazil took advantage of his carelessness in Peruvian Amazon rainforest to usurp their rightful territories (whose inhabitants, similarly to the Colombian and Venezuelan cases seen above, probably not know what “Peru” was) . Well, it is obviously the case of Tarapaca and Arica, which was itself a permanent population and territories Peruvian administration, but lost in the Pacific War (1879-1884). Its coefficient of 1.58 kemados ™, however, is placing Peru in the bottom of the table in terms of territorial losses. It has not been so bad after all. If we do not project to the Viceroyalty of Peru before 1717, of course. 6. Sharpe Paraguay kemados ™: 1.69 Neighbours evil: Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina can not say that Paraguay is not a country of madmen (occupies two squares in the official ranking of the 5 kemados craziest Latin American dictators). The madness of one of those dictators explains one of the conflicts-the War of the Triple Alliance (1864-1870) – which resulted in territorial losses. The other was the Chaco War (1932-1935). In the first, Paraguay decided to fight simultaneously against Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina would be a Capital Idea The result was a complete victory for the Allies, after which its territory was divided. In the second, a conflict over the definition of the Chaco led to a war with Bolivia, which although favored Paraguay, anyway apparently resulted in territorial losses for this country. Depredations everywhere. Damned. But amid all, a coefficient of 1.69 kemados ™ remains below the psychological barrier of 2 (which means losing half of the original territory). The good thing is that we have returned to normal, no weird stuff “both countries lose territory at the same time.” Straight. Better not think about this map of “Paraguay” colonial … May. Argentina Sharpe kemados ™: 2.03 Neighbours evil: Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile Yes because when I think of Argentina shortly after its declaration of independence, I too come to my mind images of the Amazon rainforest, Atacama Desert and the Pacific Islands. Che idiot! They are gauchos Amazon! Wait! Not that Argentina had taken territory to Paraguay? How does he now walks Argentina Paraguay claiming territory they took away? It’s happening again! It happens that the rebels of Buenos Aires, to proclaim their independence, they felt that they were founding the state should include all territories under the jurisdiction of the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata. Thus, the mere existence of Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay imply territorial spoils. Any territory that supposedly could have been removed to Paraguay would just be a recovery. Regarding the south, apparently they did something similar to the aforementioned Peru and Colombia: Argentina projected maps of areas where the inhabitants had no idea what was that country. And, as the map shows, this was used by Chile to Argentina to take their rightful access to the Pacific. It’s a miracle no further advantage to seize all of Patagonia and gain access to the Atlantic, just as this territory was conquered by Argentina in the late nineteenth century, some 70 or 80 years after proclaiming its independence. By: Byron McSutton | December 15, 2011 | views 4. Bolivia Sharpe kemados ™: 2.05 Neighbours evil: Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru. Oh, poor Bolivia. Every Bolivian know your country has declined significantly since its inception, which is reflected in its kemados ™ coefficient of 2.05. He lost territories peacefully with some neighbors and violently against Chile in the Pacific War (1879-1884) and Paraguay in the Chaco War (1932-1935) … withstand the car, this sounds familiar … Ladies and gentlemen … pass the Republic of Bolivia! Wait! Have not we stipulated that Bolivia had taken territory to Paraguay in the Chaco War? Turns out that it was Paraguay Bolivia emptied! Argh! And despite the temptation to attribute this inconsistency to the schizophrenic nature of countries landlocked, we also see that Bolivia lost territory to Peru (which, as we saw, argues in turn that was Bolivia who took it from him … Argh!) and Brazil. Most spectacular is that there is a huge jungle triangle that ended in Brazilian hands, but for which Bolivia and Peru not agree on who had the dubious honor of losing. Anyway, it seems that Bolivia also designed his map on uninhabited moorland or whose inhabitants had no idea of ​​the existence of this country. Atacama loss, however, was itself a territory (more or less) integrated Bolivia. And again in the Twilight Zone … 3. Chile Sharpe kemados ™: 2.69 wicked Neighbors: Argentina and Chile Peru Oh, the phallic country in South America. A loss of territory to reach the factor would necessarily have to be huge. Let’s see what awaits us in the map: By Cthulhu! Another bioceanic country! It is a really awesome map, which can be seen clearly that the depredations of the victim was at the hands of Chile … Argentina and Peru? Wait! AAAaaaarrrgghhh! Forget the Twilight Zone, and spent the last 10 blocks. For starters, this map instead of trying to reflect the situation in 1810, reflecting the 1881. As we see, the entire southern tip of the continent was claimed by Argentina and Chile as its own territory, and I ended up passing out following the high peaks of the Andes in 1881. After that the two countries have been convinced that “lost” the other party. Paradoxically remain convinced of this when it is known that Chile just finished conquering his part in 1883 and Argentina in 1884 Meanwhile, divide it in years after 1881. And to the north, the estimable gentlemen soberaniachile have an allegation that the delivery of Tacna to Peru in 1929 was also a dismemberment of a territory that was already Chilean after the Pacific War (1879-1884). Wonderful. Another war in which both the winners and the losers lost territory. What will come out now? On the map the claim on Antarctica not its territories on the Moon, Mars and Tau Ceti IV appears but. Two. Ecuador Sharpe kemados ™: 4.76 Neighbours evil: Colombia, Brazil, Peru 4.76! This means that Ecuador has less than a quarter of its original territory! Let the map to see such an act of barbarism AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Wait! How is it that Peru and Colombia have also lost territory to Ecuador, Ecuador but in turn claimed that it was these that …? You know what? This already reached scandalous levels. The South Americans are all insane. Pretty well drawn figures in papers claiming that the Amazon, the Chaco and Patagonia (or all three) belong to them without reaching a consensus with its neighbors, much less consult local people, whom subsequently conquered, enslaved or exterminated . Apart from one or other loss here and there, the vast majority of these losses were purely imaginary territories, and applies to all the above, including Ecuador. And we’re not counting the doctrine of “all he saw Gonzalo Pizarro is Ecuadorian.” But then, even after that rant yet to go to number 1 ranking … 1. Uruguay Sharpe kemados ™: 5.38 wicked Neighbors: Argentina and Brazil Map: “…” AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh!! Officially declare all crazy. Uruguay will claim that the relatively short-lived and poorly organized Federal League Gervasio Artigas as “their territory” is as fanciful as what we have seen from all the above countries. Look at these combined maps: Did you see the left? Did you see the border between Chile and Uruguay? Or that of Ecuador and Venezuela? And on the right? Did you see how the disputed territories are no minority? The next time you encounter a South American country and other have to say “you took away our territory”, think well. There is only one guarantee almost 100% that you will respond, but it is a sure recipe for engaging in such a sterile debate as the poles of the Moon “No, you who we were taken away from us.” Unless Brazil, in which case it is worth everything. When not writing crap, Byron McSutton dedicated to university teaching and translating books. He is also author of The War of 2012 and Empires of the Sun: Aurora, alternate history novel in which the second world war expands to South America.


















See that every photograph published in this post is in the order of each country


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